If the last 10 years have taught us anything, it’s that memes are incredibly powerful. Memes can create internet superstars seemingly overnight, they can have a genuine influence on political affairs or societal opinions, and they can also help influencers resonate with the masses with a click of a button. For professional marketers, successfully adapting to the current internet culture is nearly impossible if you’re not properly utilizing memes.

Memes are fun, relatable, relevant, and most of all, enhance your brand marketing strategy to better assimilate in the current social media landscape. If you’re looking to find out how to engage customers on social media, the best way to start is by speaking their language. Below, the social media experts at beMarketing have put together four reasons why you should be using memes for marketing ASAP! 


The main question for brands to answer today is how to engage customers on social media. The most successful brands find unique ways to create a sense of community, relatability, and really highlight this “human side” of their corporation. Memes are so critical because they present you the opportunity to humanize your brand and engage with a new influx of customers at the same time. Utilizing memes will help your brand to avoid an overflow of “salesy” content and better translate to the content that the average consumer typically sees on their newsfeed. 

Of course, some brands can have a bit more freedom posting memes than others. Certain “friendly” brands like Wendy’s have proven to fully understand the social media climate, poking fun at competitors and other users in a way that worked in their favor. To represent a consistent brand identity, it’s clear that a wealth management firm or a funeral parlor would not behave in the same manner. 


There’s nothing more important to a social media marketing strategy than identifying current trends and figuring out how they fit into your goals and your persona. If you scroll through your favorite social media platform right now, you’ll certainly see the same meme template popping up a few times, with each user or brand adding their own spin to them. With memes, you simply need to identify this trend and then shape them to fit your messaging guidelines. With new memes popping up every day, this signifies to your audience that your brand is hip to contemporary media. 

Inexpensive & Effective:

Memes, when done correctly, can essentially do more with less. In other words, spending money on professional graphics and boosting social posts is certainly effective, but it also takes much more time, money, and effort to reach success. In contrast, memes are easily creatable AND have a much higher chance of resonating with the public or potentially going viral. 


Another great thing about memes is that they are easily malleable to gear toward your specific goals, products, branches, and more. If you have a new product that you want to highlight, you can identify the right meme template that would best fit this. If you want to launch a brand marketing strategy that’s focused on humor and portrays a welcoming tone, there are endless memes to choose from and endless ways to get your messages placed in them. If somehow you can’t find a meme that fits your brand, there will be another trending template next week! 

Meme-ify Your Social Media with beMarketing! 

Memes are meant to be silly and fun, but the potential impact they can have on your social media engagement is completely serious. Partner with beMarketing today to have relatable, engaging, and personalized monthly content created and delivered right to you.