For many, the terms domain name and web hosting can be quite confusing. However, when looking to create a website, they are terms you will want to be aware of. That is why the experts at beMarketing are here to help provide you with some helpful information regarding a few key differences.

What is a Web Hosting?

Let’s start off by defining web hosting. Think of web hosting as the home of your website’s files. In the world of website hosting, it’s very easy to create within the space that your host provides for you. We compare this to the items in your home. Web hosting provides a place for your website to live; while you can design the components as you please.

What is a Domain?

A domain name is comparable to a street address, directing people to your websites location. The domain name is what people type in the browser’s URL to visit your website. Domain hosts store domain names. For example, if you use third-party-providers like GoDaddy or Siteground, they would be your domain host.

These companies use the Domain Name system (DNS). DNS is basically a giant address book that is being constantly updated by these hosts for users to search a website’s address.They allow consumers to directly find your address, just as you would type in an address into a GPS. 

How Do MX-Records and A-Records Work?

Two common terms when it comes to web hosting and domains are MX-Records and A-Records. An MX-record, or mail exchange record, is a form of resource record located in the DNS. This system allows emails to be sent to the proper IP address. The emails are sent through to the IP address, which is set in the A-record, or address record, of the host. The A-record determines which IP address belongs to a domain name. Then the domain name is converted to an IP address.

Both Can Work Together

When building your website, you will need both a domain name and a place to host the site to store the files. If you were to just purchase a domain name, you would be able to use that domain for a predetermined amount of time. However, you will still need a host for your website in order to build it.

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